How Does Your Anxiety Manifest? How is it Met?


How Does Your Anxiety Manifest?  How is it Met?

These three watercolor images where responses to a conversation I had this morning about ownership, experience of and need for help concerning anxiety.

Some important questions to ask is what is your role and how do those around you respond to someone struggling with an anxious moment?  How often do you or others around you feel this way?  Is it a general state of being?  What image best depicts your experience?  Or perhaps take a moment to create your own representation…

Do forces collide and there is an explosion?

Are sides taken and nothing is accomplished but more tension and frustration?

Is the feeling recognized, contained and then with support the problem and solutions become clear and focused?

We all have these moments but with awareness (images can assist) we can strive for the more balanced and productive response to anxiety.

Image #3 is the new screensaver on my phone 🙂

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