Emotionally Charged Language and the Power of Persuasion

Are you afraid for the future of this country or angry with how government is flgimgs1000000109_-00_american-flag-heart-graphic-downloadable-image_4operating?  As a voter in this upcoming presidential election it may be difficult to feel otherwise.  These concepts have been reiterated throughout the debates and campaigns.  It is clear (if you have spoken to anyone in the last few months about the election) that the general public carries significant concerns.

Fear and anger are strong forces when decisions need to be made.  My feelings after watching the last two debates were a mix of frustration and hope.  I still believe in the the democratic process and think the issues being discussed are of great importance.  I feel frustrated to repeatedly hear so much of the efforts and gains that have been made to be dismissed as “a disaster”.  I recognize that the beauty of our struggles is that we have a say and in order to progress there will be disagreements.  I can wish for different candidates or tactics but in the end the passion of the voices (for example in the checkout line at the supermarket) I find encouraging.  Does anyone believe at times of great crisis or change in our history there was ease and certainty?

So as much as I debated with myself about posting this blog, I am happy to say my better sense won.  Yes this is a current event that is impacting our country’s (if not the world’s) mental health.  The anxiety, fear, anger and hope of change does not have to be disastrous.  If we can acknowledge our feelings at this time then maybe we can focus on making a sound decision; a decision based on our values and beliefs.

The same can be said of any of our personal decisions when it comes to emotionally charged topics and influential people.


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