specialized groups:

Groups are based on a common focus

in which members are invited and attend regularly...

former Children's Group at Truman moon elementary school, newburgh, ny

Child & Pre-teen Social Skills Group
now forming...

Activity based interactive group in which skills are taught and practiced within the group time. Parents are offered take-homes about focus of each group to practice at home and feedback about child's progress.

Offered 1 Saturday afternoon a month. Registration required. E-mail or call for details.

former chakra yoga group

Energizing Your Life with Art & Yoga...

An adult group for those who are looking to kick-start their love for life and engagement in productive, inspiring activities. This group will be activity based but culminate in discussion that will encourage applying that energy and passion to their daily lives- work, family, social life, self-care and more.

adult's journey

Covid's Impact

This adult open group will meet monthly as a safe and anonymous/confidential space to express and process the personal effects of the pandemic.

All are welcome with pre-registration.

Offered one Tuesday evening a month.

Contact me by phone or e-mail for details.

Pike's Market, Seattle, WA

Diabetes Support Group

I, Lorraine Murphy, am a Type 1 Diabetic since age 4. I have personally dealt with the trials and tribulations of a life dictated by my blood sugar levels. My private practice and career have always been dedicated to serving those faced by life challenges... I recognize that there is little or no support beyond your endochronologist, primary care and hopefully family/friends to manage, process and overcome the challenges of this terminal yet manageable illness.

Please join me in creating a network of individuals who are experiencing the impact of adult Type 1 diabetes and want to share resources and moral support.

Psycho-educational and life enhancing activities will be offered once a month on a Tuesday evening. Please contact me to let me know of your interest.

recording the breath, Saint thomas aquinas college, sparkhill, ny

Slowing Down and Focusing on what is Important...

In this often rat race life it is easy to loose oneself in the demands of family, work, service, self-imposed etc...

Staying centered, grounded and clear in purpose is the focus of this adult group for those who want to not feel that they are at the mercy of the external world.

Offered 1 Tuesday evening a month. This adult group will be activity based including a brief yoga segment (Yin, Restorative) and some journaling/art-making plus discussion.

Contact me for further information and to register.

"Shine", Lorraine Murphy, 2016, the lightbulb project, Newburgh, ny

Teen Empowerment Group
now forming

Yoga and art group offered one Saturday afternoon a month.

Focus will be on self-care and connection for teens.

Contact me with questions and to register.


-their differences and similarities

provide new perspectives and support

**Announcements about groups forming will be made directly to clients and also posted here/on website. Contact me with questions or for more information.